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Blue, white, and pink

Story by Lara Mulady August 12th, 2014


Apparently everyone knows the sunset in Oia. I didn’t, but I was told – many times – that it’s the sunset. So we dutifully went. That’s when I realised that yes, everyone does know about this sunset. I’ve never seen so many people trying to watch a sunset. It was horrible. So we turned around and found a little corner all to ourselves where we didn’t see the sun hit the water, but we had peace and quiet, and a view that wasn’t half bad.



Unfortunately this wasn’t the half of it. As we went round the next corner there were just as many – if not more – people queueing up.

But it was pretty

Oia t church.JPG

Oia was beautiful. The whole island was, but there were too many people. I should think it’s better in the early spring or very late summer – you’d have far more room and energy to explore.

Oia bells sunset.JPG
Oia small church.JPG
Oia sunset view.JPG
Oia white church.JPG
Oia dust.JPG
Oia church.JPG
T sitting in Oia.JPG


Fira, the capital, was just as pretty, but just as busy as Oia. Lots of donkeys too, lending a certain odour to the air. Not too bad though, and the views certainly made up for it.

Fira cafe.JPG
Fira donkeys.JPG
Fira sunset.JPG

Therasia, hot springs, and the volcano

We took a boat trip out to the volcano, along with everyone else who had been at the sunset, and paid a trip to the hot springs. Next up was the smaller island of Therasia, which was peaceful and home to a beautiful dog.

Therasia view.JPG
Therasia waters.JPG
View to Fira.JPG
Hot springs.JPG
Santorini, Thira, Greece